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Sumathy Reddy, M.D. is the leading destination for Primary Care, Geriatric Medicine and Aesthetics in Long Beach, New York. At this southern Nassau County  suburb, Dr. Reddy and her team provide a wide range of aesthetic and wellness treatments so you can rediscover your outer beauty and become healthier. 

Dr. Reddy has been in practice for over 30 years and is board-certified in Family Medicine. We invite you to look at the website to learn how you can restore and maintain your appearance through injectables, peels, skin tightening, weight loss and more! 

Plasma needling is a minimally invasive, aesthetic medical procedure that rejuvenates skin, reduces hypertrophic scars and hypotrophic scars as well as stretch marks, and reduces pattern hair loss by multimodal physical and biochemical cellular stimulation. It does this without the use of additional artificial substances.

Botox | Dermal Fillers | Xeomin | Belatore Relax facial wrinkles and folds, improve the signs of facial fat loss, and even contour the body. Industry-leading injectable treatments improve sagging and aging skin, aging hands, and more. We offer Botox, Xeomin, Belotero, and other dermal fillers and advanced injections. Take advantage of non-invasive treatments with little downtime and long-lasting results. You will reverse the signs of aging and restore your fresher, younger appearance in a subtle and natural fashion. A consultation will determine which injectable treatment is right for you.

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Services We Offer

Thread Lifting

Do you want to lift and tighten your face? A thread is a type of treatment where temporary sutures are used to achieve a subtle but visible lift in the skin. Instead of removing loose facial skin surgically, threads simply suspense it by stitching up portions of it. This has the effect of pulling the skin back slightly. Also, it produces collagen to rejuvenate the skin. Level 1 provides basic thread lifting; Level 2 delivers more advanced barbed and twisted techniques.


Microneedling offers immediate results. You will look plump, pink and luminous for a couple of weeks. On a short-term basis, it plumps the skin and makes the skin look more radiant from inflammation and very superficial swelling.


IV Nutrition

Through IV nutrition, essential vitamins and minerals are introduced directly into the bloodstream. These treatments boost the body’s immunity, reduce fatigue, replace vitamins, and promote well-being.

Weight Loss & Mesotherapy

Are you wanting to lose weight? Different modalities, such as MIC Injections, are used to provide treatment and accomplish your goals. Mesotherapy is a non-surgical, cosmetic medicine treatment. Mesotherapy employs multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic preparations, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into subcutaneous fat. Injections target adipose fat cells by inducing lipolysis, rupture and cell death among adipocytes.

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We are very conveniently located on East Park Avenue, Long Beach, Nassau County, NY.

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The chemical peel is the process of applying a chemical solution to the skin to smooth out its texture. It can be used to treat many skin issues like acne, fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. A form of chemical exfoliation, a peel allows your skin to shed off a layer. This makes room for new, healthier skin.

Are you self-conscious because of fat under the chin? Fat burners, such as PCDC Injections and Kybella, will improve your profile and boost your self-esteem. These treatments that target and remove fat are noninvasive, with long-lasting results, no downtime and less severe risks.

Facial wrinkles & folds, improve the signs of facial fat loss, even contour the body. Injectables improve sagging & aging skin, aging hands, & more. We offer Botox, Xeomin, Belotero, & other dermal fillers & advanced injections. Take advantage of non-invasive treatments with little downtime and long-lasting results. Signs of aging & restore your younger appearance in a subtle, natural fashion. 

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Excellent services by Dr. Reddy and her staff. Located in my home town.
Ella William
I strongly recomend for Family Practice and Rejunivation Services.

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